Cashbuildermethod – £20.000 garantierter Gewinn in der kommenden Saison – Langzeit Erfahrungsbericht

Cashbuildermethod – £20.000 garantierter Gewinn in der kommenden Saison – Langzeit Erfahrungsbericht

7. August 2018 2 Von Benki

On the site great profits are promised, even guaranteed. £ 20,000 guaranteed profit. Something always makes me skeptical. In addition, there are great prizes from the past:

  • over £ 5,100 season 2015/16
  • over £ 32,000 season 2016/17
  • over £ 44,000 season 2017/18

That makes me even more skeptical, especially as ‚Craig‘ says he can not publish the results of recent years, otherwise his system would be copied. Mmmmmh …

Well, let’s give the whole thing a chance. A 14-day trial period costs £ 10 and then £ 20 a month (redeemable monthly) or £ 79 as a one-time payment. I take the risk. Clear price.

The Cashbuildermethod system:


Craig recommends 5% use of the bank, which is already quite high, but low-risk bets are received, so this could go up.
Furthermore, he recommends as a bank 20 times the stake: At 10 € use so 200 € (This is the reverse of the 5% use)

Tips and markets

2 or 3-way bets will only be played in the first three english leagues Premier League, Championship and League One. No multiple bets or the same. That definitely sounds serious.

Running time

The system can be booked for the season and is no longer available after the start of the first season games. So that means that you can only start again for the season 2019/2020. Has the advantage for you that you can fall back on my experience.


Big promises have to deliver. Let’s see what’s behind the „guarantee“. I can not say right now if it’s serious or not. The lurid makeup does not exactly speak for it, but on the other hand, the risk is low. If I follow my Moneymanagement for myself, I can test the system without risking a bank wipeout. Cancellation is possible at any time and the fee is not high. Now Craig must keep his promise

Every week I will write a weekly report with a sample account. Stay tuned!


All empty promises. After just seven weeks, the sample betting account has fallen by almost 40%. A minus of 780 EUR and Craig leaves nothing to hear for weeks. Guess he buzzed himself off. The monthly amounts will continue to be deducted. Can you call cheating? So: keep away! What sounds too good usually does not work.

Conclusion: Checked fraud!